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Integrate a Power Virtual Agents chatbot with Dynamics 365 Omnichannel for Customer Service

If you are interested in creating chat bots to embed them in a webpage or a portal, you might consider Power Virtual Agents, which is part of Microsoft Power Platform product family. Just in case if you have never heard of it, here is the information from Microsoft to explain what is Power Virtual Agents.

Power Virtual Agents are adaptable Artificial Intelligence (AI) chatbots, at your service. They can solve common customer and internal-facing issues automatically, freeing up staff to focus on complex requests and high-value interactions. You can easily create your own virtual agents, powerful chatbots, without the need for developers or data scientists, by using a guided, no-code graphical interface. Integrate Power Virtual Agents with the products and services you use every day using hundreds of prebuilt connectors, by building custom workflows using Power Automate, or creating complex scenarios with Microsoft Bot Framework. Monitor and continuously improve chatbot performance using AI- and data-driven insights available in an easy-to-read dashboard.

What values can be added to your organization's service by adopting chatbots?

With chatbots, your organization will benefit the following:

  • Reducing assisted support inquiries - Customers don't always need to connect with human agents to get answers. Simple or common issues can be resolved by displaying bot topics, knowledge base articles, or FAQ pages.

  • Seamless integrations with other systems - Integrations with customer relationship management systems let organizations include relevant and personal information in conversations as needed. It also allows a conversation to be transferred, including its details, to a human agent when needed.

  • Task automation - Follow-up functions and actions, such as scheduling meetings, assigning cases, sending follow-up emails, surveys, and more, can be initiated from the bot. With Microsoft Power Automate, custom workflows and automated actions can be configured that the bot can run, with the customer's permission, to automate resolution of the customer's issue.


What Problems Power Virtual Agents Can Help You to Solve?

  • Better empower your teams. Your teams can build bots without needing intermediaries, coding, or AI expertise.

  • Reduce costs. You can automate common inquiries, which will give agents time to focus on more complex issues.

  • Improve customer satisfaction. Customers have access to an all-day, self-help solution to help resolve their issues through comprehensive, personalized bot conversations.


Resource Sharing

Last year I have facilitated an internal showcase with our Jumpstart team. If you are interested in creating chatbots by Power Virtual Agent without any coding and integrate with Dynamics 365 Omnichannel for Customer Service, you might want to check the handout below. Hope it will provide you some basic ideas how to use this product. If there are any questions, please feel free to comment below, send me a message, or reach me on social media.

Audience Handout - Power Virtual Agents
Download PDF • 3.23MB

If you would like to learn from Microsoft. You can click on the following links to self-study.

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