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Surfing the Tech Wave with Boru - Your Everyday Digital Aficionado!

Hello there! It's Boru here, and I couldn't be more pleased you've dropped by. I'm navigating the tech world as a Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Platform functional consultant, humbly assisting businesses in leveraging the power of Microsoft technologies to reach their full potential.

Over time, I've had the chance to develop a number of apps designed to ease customer engagement for busy professionals. I like to think of myself as a dedicated problem-solver, always eager to tackle the next puzzle that comes my way. I've also found joy in sharing my knowledge and experiences through writing - delving into what captivates me, what captivates others, and offering up my reflections to readers like you.

This personal website is my little labor of love, slowly but surely gaining traction each day. I sincerely hope you find enjoyment in exploring my site and the unique content I've prepared. Perhaps in browsing, you'll even stumble upon something that sparks your own interests. I encourage you to stay awhile, read, and relish the journey!

To get a deeper glimpse into my background, you're welcome to take a look at my resume below.

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